Ever found yourself unable to decide between which coal to use during your shisha session? Worry not, for I will tell you the pros and cons of both forms of coal!



  • Convenience: as the name implies, it is the quickest to ignite between the two. Easily ignitable with any lighter, dare I say, I’ve even witnessed a mad man light one with a match once!
  • Price: between the two, quick lights are always the most cost effective.


  • Chemicals: quick lights contain sulphur, this is the active quick lighting agent. It is toxic if inhaled.
  • Ash: they give off a lot of ash, which negatively impacts the taste.



  • Natural: these cubic coals are 100% natural, that means there is no active quick lighting agent embedded within the coal.
  • Long Lasting: coconut coals can last over an hour and thirty minutes! This means longer shisha sessions, guaranteed.
  • Minimal Ash: due to being 100% natural, these coals give off little to none ash, meaning taste is less impacted, if anything at all.


  • Price: coconut coals are far more cost ineffective due to the manufacturing process behind them.
  • Lighting Time: because they contain no quick lighting agent, these coals take a very long time to heat up, normally seven minutes on each side. They also require a strong heat source, such as a blacktop stove, last stove or burner lighter.


Each coal fits different scenarios. For those that want to have a quick shisha sesh, we suggest sticking with the quick lights (our pick would be the KM Quick Lights, we’ve engineered them to produced the least amount of ash compared to any other quick light). Those who wish, and have the time, to prepare a pipe for a long relaxing session, we always recommend the coconut shell. No matter your choice of coal, its always important to keep in mind that the most important factor of a shisha session is the technique in which the bowl is packed.

We hope this helps you in your decision making the next time you run short on coal!

P.S. We haven’t forgotten about our coconut shell users. Later in the year you can expect to see KM Coconut Coals on store shelves, alongside our already available KM Quick Light.