Purchasing a KM shisha guarantees you’re experiencing the pinnacle of what Egyptian hookah pipes have to offer. If you’re on the fence about upgrading to a KM, then please allow us to go over what they have to offer.


Every KM hookah box includes a glazed ceramic Egyptian head, cleaning utensils, intricate Egyptian styled hose, silicon vase cover, rubber fittings, hand painted KM glass vase, KM stamped charcoal tray and, of course, your choice of premium KM metal stem. Please note: included components may vary depending on the model.


Fill up your vase with water to about three quarters full.

The largest grommet must be slipped into the base of the metal stem where the down pipe connects. This piece must then be inserted into the included glass vase.

Insert the smallest grommet into the opening on the body of the stem, located just above the vase, whereto you will also insert your hose.

Slip your tray onto the peak of the shisha, depending on the model, you may have to unscrew the the peak before applying the tray. Apply your second final grommet on the peak.

When packing your bowl, ensure it isn’t packed tightly, this will prevent your KM from performing at its maximum capacity.

Place foil tightly onto roof of bowl.

Light your coal (remember to break it in half if you’re using quick lights. Leave a gap in between the resting coals as to allow air intake, many make the mistake of applying a solid piece to the foil).

Enjoy your shisha sesh!