Be weary my fellow shisha brethren, for the night is dark and full of terrors and fake KM shisha pipes. Far too many a time have I come into contact with a generic KM rip-off, heresy of the upmost order in my books! Worry not, for I shall tell you how to spot these knock offs from a mile away.


Towards the top of the stem, upon the area where your charcoal tray lays, you should see a ‘Khalil Maamoon’ stamp. The tray itself must also have the KM stamp.


All authentic KM’s are exclusively produced in Cairo, Egypt. Any Chinese pipe claiming to pose as a KM is 100% a knock off. Every KM is made with premium based materials such as stainless steel, brass or copper. If you notice a lack in quality due to the use of cheap materials in the makeup of a KM, then it isn’t real.


Due to the hand made nature of every KM, you’ll notice differences between each model, such as welding lines, changes in patterns on the glass or slight differences in the intricate etchings of the metal stem. These are the signs of an authentic KM. The use of screw in pieces are indications that the hookah is mass produced, which aren’t prevalent in authentics.

We hope these tips help you to avoid falling victim to a fake KM. The best way to guarantee that your pipe is authentic is by purchasing one from our official retail outlets, otherwise, you can find a list of stockists here. Happy shisha smoking!